4 Famous Providers To Buy Cheap Domain Name for your Hosting

As we know, there are a lot of hosting providers, and this may make us confused and do not know which one is the best. Especially, for those who want to choose a cheap domain hosting with high quality is pretty difficult.

4 Famous Providers To Buy Cheap Domain Name for your Hosting 1

When paying attention to others users on the internet, I see that most of them often look to the same providers to register their hosting and domain. In fact, there is no rule that domain and hosting providers must be different. Hence, you can choose the provider you want as long as they give you the best thing.


People have talked a lot about good and cheap domain registrants, and they tend to choose what your competitors chose or what seems to be believed.  Choosing a good and cheap domain name registrar can be a difficult task. You may wonder which one is the most suitable, what should you choose, which will have the best service, support, and price together?

Because I know and understand your problem, I make this post to direct you to the best and cheapest domain name registrars on the Internet currently. Let read the information below to know 4 cheap domain name registrars you can trust and buy.

1. Godaddy

When talking about Godaddy, people often call it as ” the father of all domain registrars.” Godaddy is known as the most controversial domain name registrar in the world. Somehow, they have managed to regain its fame after a major setback in 2012. GoDaddy creates a lot of domains with the low price per year ($ 1.99 per year). Up to now, Godaddy is still the leading domain name registrant, and there is no reason you should not try what they offer.

4 Famous Providers To Buy Cheap Domain Name for your Hosting 2

2. Domain.com

Domain.com is a famous company offering free domain names. They offer different registration services with the price of .com domains from $ 9.99 / year only. They are considered as one of the most favorite choices of customers for domain registration. With  to.net and .org at $ 8.99 per year, .mobi domains running at $ 2.99 per year, it is one of the most profitable domain registrars. Domain.com also provides a large number of services at low prices. To buy the domain from Domain.com, you can choose different payment options such as Visa, PayPal,  Mastercard, American Express and Discover.4 Famous Providers To Buy Cheap Domain Name for your Hosting 3

3. Name.com

When talking about cheap domain providers, we can not ignore Name.com. They are considered as one of the cheapest domain name registrars in the world.  Name.com provides.ORG and.COM domain registrations and you only pay $ 10.99 per year to use it. Especially, Name.com also offers a low price register, great platform as well as their valuable experiences to serve customers well.

4 Famous Providers To Buy Cheap Domain Name for your Hosting 4

Although Name.com is not the cheapest address in the market nowadays, they still have individualized customer support and have the diversified pricing plans and. Their “Domain Nabber” is a perfect service to collect expired domains which are relevant to you or your work. With this feature, you can decide to continue buying pre-domain, and then you can resell for a higher price.

4. Namecheap

Namecheap is also another address that you should not skip when choosing domain names at the low price. With $ 11.48 per year of .NET and .com as well as $ 10.69 /year of .ORG  Namecheap is always an affordable domain provider. Their background and service and perfect.  Not just that, you can buy a hosting with lots of attractive features.

4 Famous Providers To Buy Cheap Domain Name for your Hosting 5

Namecheap is famous for their Facebook and Twitter races, where they offer the domain with the lowest price at a given time. In other words, Namecheap is also seen as one of the best alternatives to the Godaddy domain.

Bottom Line

Besides 4 outstanding names listed above, there are also a lot of providers for you to choose. However, don’t forget to pick up the famous and reliable one and read the reviews about each website carefully before giving the final decision. Good luck!

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