SMS Marketing – Perfect Composition ForCRM System

What Is CRM?

CRM – Customer Relationship Management, is a system of methods to help businesses reach and communicate with customers in a systematic way to achieve the highest efficiency. The functionality of managing customer specific information such as account, needs, contact and other issues to better serve customers. These activities aim to achieve different goals such as finding, attracting potential customers, maintaining good and lasting relationships with existing customers, and engaging old customers again.

SMS Marketing - Perfect composition for CRM system

CRM System Consists Of 5 Elements:

– Internal management

– Organization of sales management

– After-sales service organization

– Manage marketing activities

– Statistic

In the context of the competitive market, the communication, connection, and maintenance of customer relationship are increasingly focused. With the explosion of mobile devices, communication and customer care through Email or voice service to introduce new products, events, gratitude customers or after-sales care are gradually replaced by the form of Marketing and better customer care – SMS Marketing.

What Are The Advantages Of SMS Marketing?

– 100% of the message is sent directly to the customer. Therefore, you can rest assured that your message will be right in the hands of your customers.

– 98% of messages are read after 4 minutes of messages are sent.

– Increase the level of awareness and loyalty of customers to the brand of the business.

– Orient the customer’s attention to the events or sales activities of the business, increasing sales.

– Delivering direct messages to thousands, millions of target customers in the fastest time.

– Save money and time for marketing, customer care.

CRM software helps businesses manage customer information in a centralized way – all customer information will be displayed in full and in detail through a single click. Businesses will no longer manage the information manually by taking notes in books or excel files. Not only that, with the powerful SMS Marketing tool, CRM will make customer care simpler and more efficient. From there, the business will understand the customer better to make appropriate adjustments.


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