The Trends OfCRM Applications In 2017

You have built a relationship with your customers because they like you on Facebook, they find you on the net … Connections from different sources create new customers, create relationships with more loyal customers. The solution of the 2017 CRM software is to maintain, connect with customers at a higher level by the latest CRM features.

The Trends Of CRM Applications In 2017

CRM Software Solutions On Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are probably the way that a lot of CRM software is used to connect customers and businesses. According to statistics in 2013, up to 96% of businesses looking for a cloud-based CRM solution to achieve the mobility of the software. Nowadays, many CRM solutions can meet that mobile demand, by providing real-time data integration and marketing and sales systems that help you get the most out of your information about customers without depending on the location.

Businesses often look for CRM solutions to increase mobility, include the following elements:

  • Cloud computing: can access at any time when there is Internet
  • Connect to wireless devices.
  • Mobile friendly interface (Responsive) or mobile app.
  • Features seamless reporting from mobile to desktop

Data Collection By Geographic Location

Incorporating location-based customer data can help you find and reach potential customers. With this feature, you and your employees can manage and share important data to:

  • Search for areas with potential customers
  • Determine the coverage of the business in each area
  • Track employee management according to assigned area
  • Marketing services vary by region

This feature will give you the advantage of combining data and real-time applications for realism. Some customer service industries also use GPS data acquisition capabilities to provide their customers with a complete service.

Store Customer Information Records

This is the most popular feature available in CRM, so you can share notes with your customers right in your data, rather than having to store them through email, or other applications. You can share the information you store with colleagues immediately without any difficulty.

Integrate Social Networking IntoCRM Software

Businesses will likely fail if they do not use some social media in their business strategy. Having a data acquisition feature from the media combined with your data will give you a perfect connection.

Many of the major CRM software in the world is geared toward connecting and collecting data on social networks by integrating social networks into their CRM software.


Integrating mobility, geo-location data, recording, social media into your CRM is an indispensable trend in the future. Hopefully, in the future, the breakthroughs in CRM software solutions will be able to help businesses connect and maintain stronger customer relationships.

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