Top CRM Software For Business

As we know, CRM software plays an important role in the development of each business. In this article, we would like to introduce the top CRM software that you may need for your company, let read and pick up the best one for you.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft (like other brands) has followed Salesforce into the CRM market with 6.3% market share, equivalent to $ 1.1 billion in 2012, according to Gartner. However, the “big man” Microsoft is completely serious about the Dynamics CRM platform – the platform has grown rapidly over the past few years. Dynamics CRM can be used with both downloadable versions (about $ 5,000 for server software and about $ 1,100 for each username) and Web forms (at $ 65 per month).

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The biggest advantage of Dynamics CRM is that it integrates with other Microsoft applications, from simple applications such as Outlook and Office to resource planning applications such as Dynamics GP. And in October, Microsoft released the Dynamics CRM application on mobile phones, which can run on iOS devices, Android phones, Windows Phone and Windows 8 tablets.


When it comes to deploying CRM software, it is impossible to deny the leadership role of Salesforce. This $ 37 billion company has invented the Web-based CRM and has dominated the market for a long time. According to Gartner, Salesforce accounts for about 14 percent of the CRM market, with sales estimated at $ 2.5 billion in 2012. Every customer, from small businesses to large corporations, seems to like the management function. Marketing management and service management provided by this Web-based CRM system, which is only suitable for cloud-based services.


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Salesforce CRM integrates with other services such as Chat (Business Social Network) and can work on iOS and Android devices. Previously, mobility was a weakness of this software, but Salesforce is hoping to change this with Salesforce1, a third effort in the mobile arena, announced at the user conference and the developer Dreamforce 2013.


Founded in 2004, SugarCRM provides a lightweight, open source CRM platform that demonstrates its popularity in small and medium businesses. SugarCRM has both download and download versions of the cloud and costs between $ 35 and $ 150 per user per month, or you can buy it right away.

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SugarCRM has mobile apps for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry operating systems. Desktop version integrates with several emails, calendar and file management applications, including Outlook, Gmail, Lotus Notes, Google Apps, and Box. And because SugarCRM is open source, developers can easily customize the program. However, before you build a new feature, make sure it does not exist on SugarExchange – a market for SugarCRM modules, themes, and language packs. SugarCRM also offers some specific versions specific to specific industries.

 Oracle Sales Cloud

According to Gartner, Oracle has a large market share in the CRM market, about 11.1% with just over $ 2 billion in revenue. But on the CRM platform, the download version (On Demand CRM) received very little positive response from customers. However, the new version of Oracle’s cloud-based CRM platform is a significant step forward. Based on open standards, the product provides an intuitive interface, Android, and iOS applications, and supports Oracle’s enterprise social networking. However, the cost of this system is quite high: CRM customer management software sales Oracle cloud platform is priced from $ 100 to $ 200 per user per month, depending on the version you choose (version standard, business version, or enhanced version).

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Nimble is a fair newcomer to the CRM market. Starting in 2009, the company has provided a Web-based CRM application that integrates with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. It links all of your customer’s social accounts to provide a broader view of their relationship with your business. Nimble also has a mobile app for iOS. And for just $ 15 a month for each user, Nimble is a very affordable CRM customer care software.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a Freemium offered by Zoho Corp which was a company founded in 2005 and announced its Web-based CRM software in 2006. Zoho offers a free CRM version for up to three users. And cost about $ 12 to $ 35 per user per month on three different levels of support (standard, professional, and advanced). Zoho CRM also integrates with popular social networks, Outlook, Google Apps, and QuickBooks. The software also has an API for developers who want to build custom integrations. Zoho CRM mobile applications run on iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices.

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