Zoho CRM – Free Small Business CRM Software

For businesses to operate effectively, the management system of the business operations smooth, accurate and complete. CRM systems will help businesses do this. However, the cost spent for the enterprise to own the CRM software themselves, especially small businesses with small capital.

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However, small enterprises will not have to worry about the costs for CRM software anymore; the free CRM software will help to solve your problem.

At present, there are many software companies that have launched free CRM software with functionalities along with allowing businesses to customize more to fit the management needs of your business.

Referring to the free CRM software for small businesses today, Zoho CRM is a software that can not be ignored with the benefits that it brings to the business, CRM software free is also one of the top choices for the current business. The information below will give you an unbiased review of the software.

1. Functions And Tools Which Zoho CRM Software Free Brings To Enterprises


With the free version, this software provides users with a free 3-user service with 5000 contacts, integrated on a mobile application, and the ability to connect to other system applications. Currently, this free CRM software is also available as a free version for ten users with 5000 contacts. Users can also upgrade this version if demand grows at the cost of $ 12 per month per user.

  • Sale and Marketing online
  • Compatible with Microsoft’s Outlook and Office systems
  • Role-based security
  • Support for integration with external interaction
  • Connect to the Email system
  • Create smart reports
  • Allows the user to customize the information


  • Customer management tool: enter information, look up information modify
  • Track the performance of the staff, the performance of employees
  • Warehouse Management Tool
  • Tool for collecting competitor information
  • Analytical tools help to guide the direction
  • Customer classification tool in each group
  • Ad scheduling tool, automatic marketing via Email and SMS channels

2. Limitations OfZoho CRM Software Free

For small businesses and only a few staff with programming skills, setting up and using it is quite difficult. Many businesses do not know where to start to use this software.

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